Project name Description SSH HTTPS Source code of ssh://
DiamondOS.git My very own OS, doesn't do much. ssh://
DiscordShellBot.git Source code of a bot that a friend made. ssh://
TheCProgrammingLanguageExercises.git My personal answers to some of the exercises in the C bible. ssh://
c_template.git A simple template for c projects, based on suckless st. ssh://
ccg.git Collatz conjecture generator. ssh://
diskspeed.git Simple tool to test disk write and read speeds. ssh://
dotfiles.git My personal dotfiles. ssh://
git-webui.git Source code of ssh://
linkedlist.git My first implementation of single linked list. ssh://
mandelbrot.git Mandelbrot generator, written in efficiant C99, using libpng. ssh://
nest.git Simple solutions to the nesting parentheses CS exercise. ssh:// Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. ssh://
nordisk-matematik.git Backup of school work. ssh://
prime.git A fast prime number generator. ssh://
primecpp.git prime.git but in C++. ssh://
replace.git Efficiant stream replacing. ssh://
uwufy.git Uwufy text, written in C++. ssh://
xorf.git Simple program to xorg two files, which could be used to encrypt files. ssh://